Workshop on Graphene/Ceramic Composites

Cuenca (Spain), September 28-30, 2016

Workshop on Graphene/Ceramic Composites
Cuenca (Spain), September 28-30, 2016

International Workshop on Graphene/Ceramic Composites (WGCC)


The Organizing Committee announces the International Workshop on Graphene/Ceramic Composites (WGCC), the first specific meeting organized on this kind of materials. The aim of the Workshop is to bring together researchers from all around the world working on this topic to explore the foreseen capabilities of the new family of GCC, looking for some breakthroughs regarding their processing, multifunctionality and applications. Prestigious researchers will present their latest research activities on GCC and participants will have the opportunity to share their research results in oral or poster presentations.

The workshop will cover, among others, the following main topics:

  • Graphene fillers production for composites
  • Bulk graphene/ceramic materials
  • Hybrid graphene/ceramic coatings
  • Porous graphene/ceramics
  • Processing and sintering
  • Properties (mechanical, tribological, thermal, electrical, optic, catalytic,...)
  • Applications

Before the conference, a separate SHORT COURSE on GCC (9 hours) will be offered on September 27 (Tuesday) and 28 (Wednesday). The course aims to provide a basic knowledge to students who may not be experts in the GCC area. Information about the content of the course can be found in the “NEWS” tab of this webpage. Up to 20 Grants for students will be awarded to attend to the SHORT COURSE + WORKSHOP (information and application procedure can be found in “DOWNLOADS” tab).

We encourage you to participate in this workshop and enjoy in Cuenca, a UNESCO World Heritage charming and beautiful city.

I am looking forward to meeting you,

Prof. P. Miranzo

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